What is Hope 4 LYFE?

Hope 4 LYFE is a non-profit organization that endeavors to not only provide resources, but an access to knowledge as well. Founded in 2011, Chairman Angela Roberts-Oliver, sought to provide for men and women affected by breast cancer in ways that she wished others would have provided for her loved ones that were affected. Ultimately, Hope 4 LYFE aims to give survivors not only a new Hope 4 L.Y.F.E, but encourages them to Live Your Future Everyday.

Is Hope 4 LYFE limited to a gender?

Absolutely not, here at Hope 4 LYFE we know that thos affected by Breast Cancer are not gender exclusive. Therefore, we ultimately aim to cater to men and women affected by Breast Cancer.

How do I keep up with Hope 4 LYFE events?

You can keep up with all Hope 4 LYFE affiliated events by either following our social medias listed at the foot of our home page